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Meet David

Yes, this is me – David Gordon. Thanks for wanting to find out a little about me,

Who is behind DHG Fitness?, what is it? and why should I be interested?

So, who is David Gordon? Does he actually work out? Is he qualified to help me?

Okay! here goes. I’m a qualified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach and lover of healthy food and fitness from the UK. I help Dads aged 40+ shed their dad bods without diets so they can start flexing their newly toned muscle in the mirror, yeah!

My passion in life is to help others change by listening, answering their questions and then giving them the simple tools to succeed.

Why I started …

So why did I decide to start DHG Fitness?

Well, I’ve always been crazily into health & fitness, always telling people how to eat healthier and get more exercise into their routines.

Hek, I even got qualified as a Personal Trainer / Gym Instructor many years ago and enjoy pushing my physical limits (even with the occasional back injury!) It’s addictive!

I’ve never had a problem with self-motivation, and want to make sure I can always keep up with my kids, and not be the dad on the side who cannot join in.

Whilst regularly seeing the questions people were asking on social media, it became obvious that exercise, fitness and weight loss were real talking points.

Everyone started asking me questions about how to lose weight? how to build muscle? or what the best exercise are?

Why did I want to help Dads improve their image / shed their Dad bods?
Simple. I’m a dad of 50+, and I’m fitter now than I ever was. I knew early on that I never wanted to end up in mid-life with any serious physical/mental health issues around my weight.

I see it so much every day. In the news. On the streets. Sadly, I can’t help everyone,

When a dad reaches out to me for help and they see positive changes, I know I’m doing my job well and I’ve helped improve that persons life in many ways.

This is why I wanted to start my own fitness business.

It’s a busy life …

I’m a husband, dad of two boys (two always hungry boys!) owner of 1 black cat, Cinders and some fish, which Cinders regularly enjoys watching close up!

When I’m not coaching, I’m helping to run a busy family and a fitness blog,
I’m also regular contributor over on Quora. If you want to see the types of questions I answer, you can check out my Quora profile here > David Gordon on Quora

Staying fit …

Let’s face it, when you look good, you feel good, right! Keeping fit does not have to mean hitting the gym for 3 hours a day, whilst wearing the latest in fashion & tech trends.

All you need is a pair of trainers! Get outdoors, breathe in some fresh air and move that body … feels good huh!

Have I competed in any major fitness events? no, but I have climbed the 3 largest peaks in the UK. I love hiking & martial arts too! I’ve done Judo, Karate, Thai-Boxing & more recently Kung Fu. One of my constant goals is HIGH KICKS ….. I just wish I could do those amazing kicks I see other people demonstrating ………. J E A L O U S !

It all starts here …

Healthy Food & Fitness …. hence DHG Fitness was born!
In addition to my Dad Bod Coaching programs, I’ll feature recipes, the best exercises, the latest in nutrition in addition to fitness tips & trends I think will interest you. Hopefully, if you like what you find, you’ll keep in touch and perhaps leave a comment or two.

Be honest, and let me know what you think (please be gentle!).
If there is something you would like me to feature, just get in touch 🙂

I know there are many other personal trainers and coaches out there however, none are me. I have a real passion for what I do and my clients know it.

Thank you …

If you got this far, thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I would be really grateful if you could tell everyone about me. If you are interested in any of my Dad Bod coaching programs, know someone who may be interested, or just like reading my articles, please leave a comment so I know you popped by and enjoyed the read.

I love comments, and will always try to respond as soon as I can.

Hope to chat with you soon.


Stay fit & healthy


David Gordon

Hi! and welcome to DHG Fitness, where I help you improve your Lifestyle by showing you How To Eat Well, Exercise (the right exercise!), Burn Calories (Fat) and Reduce Your Stress.
You can read more about me here

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