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How to Lose Weight (When you HATE Exercise and Broccoli!)

Everywhere you turn there are magazines, books, web articles, pills, drinks, fad-diets and more dedicated solely to promising us the latest and greatest in the battle against the bulge,
How to Lose Weight

We all put on additional weight at some point during our life, and it’s not generally because we’ve just decided to give up and start stuffing our faces. it’s generally because:

Life happens.
Responsibilities happen.
Overwhelm happens.


One morning you wake up and look in the mirror, feeling miserable and perhaps even ashamed that you’ve let this happen to yourself.

Weight-gain doesn’t happen over night. It generally happens over a long period of time (years even), and could be due to many factors such as poor eating habits, stress, low-quality sleep, medication, genetics (partially), lack of down time and so-on.

Whilst it’s impossible to pin-point the exact reason you may have gained weight, the good news is that successful long-term weight-loss is something we can all achieve with the right direction, knowledge and motivation.

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What to do?

We all know WHAT TO DO if we want to lose weight.

There, I’ve said it.

Yes, we have to consume less Calories than we burn, right?

Well, its not quite as cut and dry as that. (I’ll dig deeper into this in another article).

We all know about doing MORE Exercise and making HEALTHIER food choices.

So, if we all know what do as far as our diets and exercise, why are so many of us becoming overweight?

What if you HATE EXERCISE and vegetables like BROCCOLI 🀒

Hop onto the internet and search up How to Lose Weight.

You’ll be hit with an endless list of posts about how to lose weight, what EXERCISE to do (and NOT TO DO) to lose weight, where to lose weight, why you should lose weight, what to eat and drink to lose weight and perhaps even what NOT TO EAT to lose weight.

It’s enough to send you off screaming in confusion.




Is there any hope of YOU losing any weight at all, just because you HATE EXERCISE and BROCCOLI ??

Fear not my friend, there is hope for you all.

Just because you have different likes, dislikes and tastes just means you are very individual.

It’s what makes you you, right?

Ok, enough soft talk – what about weight loss and shifting the ugly stuff based on your personal choices.

Yes, you can definitely lose weight without exercise (and eating Broccoli)

Let me explain

It has been documented in dozens of studies [1]Role of Physical Activity for Weight Loss at NCBI that exercise alone may not be the most effective way to lose weight.

Research has even shown that by exercising regularly, you may actually thwart your awesome weight-loss plan, as using up all that energy can make you even hungrier than you were before, and so mislead you into rewarding yourself after exercise by eating loads of junk food.

Those who regularly workout then tend to overcompensate for their efforts by consuming way more calories than they think they burned. Bummer!

While it’s true that improving the amount of lean-muscle you carry can help burn more fat over time, this is not going to slim you down as much as improving your dietary choices will.

Oh, great …. I’ve just told you that you don’t really need to exercise (if you hate it) to lose weight.

When we’re talking about exercise, we’re normally talking about ‘Formal’ exercise.

This is where perhaps you hit the gym for an hour a day, or take a yoga or spin class or do a regular 5k run.

These are ‘pre-planned’ exercise sessions known as ‘Formal’ exercise.

There are also a multitude of sports you could do instead of the gym such as football, table-tennis, badminton and cycling.

The other type of activities which burn W A A A A A Y more calories during the day are your daily activities, or ‘Non-Formal’ exercise.

Being generally active (getting off your bum) during the day means doing things like: Walking, Gardening, House Work, DIY, Shopping, Ironing, Dog-Walking, Taking the stairs, Walking further to/from public transport etc.

Expert reviewer, Dr Naveen Puri, Associate Clinical Director and Lead Medical Appraiser at Bupa [2]Lead Medical Appraiser explains at BUPA explains

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

It can help you manage your weight, reduce your risk of developing many health conditions and prevent mental health problems.

It’s often sociable, can help you feel less isolated and stay independent in the long run.

If you HATE all forms of formal exercise or sport, then you should be doing more non-formal exercise or ‘daily activity’ such as any of those just listed above.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) when it comes to weight management, people vary greatly in how much physical activity they need. You may need to be more active than others to reach or maintain a healthy weight.

It also states that physical activity can reduce your risk of dying early from leading causes of death, like heart disease and some cancers. [3]Benefits of Physical Activity at CDC

If you want to lose weight, this occurs mainly by improving your Lifestyle and Eating Habits, not by pounding the treadmill, oh and de-stressing seriously helps too!

Stress and a lack of sleep can both massively hinder your efforts to lose weight.

When YOU have a rough night, do you notice how much hungrier you are the next day?

You’ll crave more ‘unhealthy’ (high-fat, calorie dense) types of food, meaning that you’ll be consuming much more food in total, and so much more junk food.

I’m not going to write you a list of 50 things you should be doing, as you already know WHAT you should be doing.

It’s simple

If you HATE exercise, just go for a daily walk.

Find a nice park, river, field or even the shops to walk around.

20 minutes daily is a good starting point. Try to increase over time. 40 minutes split up into 4 x 10 minute walks over the day is just as beneficial as a single 40 minute walk.

Walking first thing in the morning can really boost your energy and concentration levels for the rest of the day ahead.

As long as you are getting up and moving regularly throughout the day, your body will thank you for it, I promse!

πŸ₯¦ What if you HATE Broccoli?

Fear not!

Although Broccoli is a fantastic source of nutrients, it’s not the only vegetable you SHOULD be eating regularly.

There are some other green vegetables which have a stronger bitter flavour such as Kale and Spinach however, Broccoli is much milder in flavour.

Just for fun, here is some Broccoli Trivia to digest!
Italian immigrants first introduced broccoli to the United States in the 1800s. However, it did not become widely know until the 1920s.” (Check out these amazing 40 facts about Broccoli)

There are so many ways to cook vegetables (which you HATE) and hide them in your food amongst other stronger flavours.

This is a great way to get all those nutrients without having to taste them. (Disguising certain foods is a great tip for getting your kids, AND YOU to eat more veg!)

Here are some regular questions I get asked …

Q1. Why do I have to eat vegetables if I want to lose weight?

Living on a fast-food diet, amongst other things can cause inflamation within your body.

Some is ok, too much may be damaging. Vegetables are an amazing food to help reduce inmflamation, and are rich in antioxidants.

Vegetables contain lots of heart (and gut) healthy fibre. The darker the colour, the higher the fibre content.
The more fibre you consume, you’ll feel fuller for longer and be less likely to snack later on.

They also contain many minerals, some of which can help reduce salt levels, again helping your heart.

Most importantly, vegetables are low in calories (yay!!)

Accordnig to Nutronix [4]Broccoli Nutrition Facts from Nutronix, in order to burn off a 100g portion of broccoli (only 35 calories), you would need to:

Walk for 9 minutes
Run for 3 minutes
Bicycle for 5 minutes

Q2. Why did my mum keep telling me to eat my greens?

When it comes down to vegetables, yes mum was ALWAYS right. Let’s face it, we all know that eating more vegetables (and fruits) is a really healthy lifestyle habit to have.

For much of the same reasons in the above answer, they are one of the healthiest food groups to eat. Vegetables are also cheap and delicious, and are the most important food you should eat on a daily basis.

By constantly nagging you to eat your vegetables, your parents just want to ensure you are eating a balanced diet.

And …


Yup, nasty thing if you get it. Like trying to squeeze brussel sprouts out!

Greens (the darker the better) provide you with loads of healthy gut fibre, which help keep your innards in perfect working order. No more sore bottoms!

Check out these 15 Delicious Healthy Kids Recipes

Q3. Are there any healthy alternatives to vegetables to help with losing weight

Is it possible to create a healthy balanced meal without vegetables?

As we’ve already discussed, vegetables are a great source of minerals and vitamins.

You can get some of these from non-vegetable foods however, they may often be much higher in calories.

If you only hate eating Broccoli, yet do enjoy eating other vegetables then great, you’ll still have a super healthy balanced diet.

If however you refuse to eat any vegetables, and cut all plant sources from your diet then you may end up deficient in some of these nutrients. Not so good πŸ™

If you can, it is so much better for your overall health to try and learn to love your vegetables. Go on, try ….. for me πŸ™‚

It is almost impossible to get the same amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals by relying soley on other food sources.


Once you understand how important vegetables are to your overall health and wellness, and regularly try new varieties, you’ll no longer need to stress about finding vegetable alternatives in order to maintain your health and lose weight.

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1Role of Physical Activity for Weight Loss at NCBI
2Lead Medical Appraiser explains at BUPA
3Benefits of Physical Activity at CDC
4Broccoli Nutrition Facts from Nutronix

David Gordon

Lifestyle and Holistic Fitness Coach

Hi! and welcome to DHG Fitness, where I help you improve your Lifestyle by showing you How To Eat Well, Exercise (the right exercise!), Burn Calories (Fat) and Reduce Your Stress.
You can read more about me here

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David Gordon

Lifestyle and Holistic Fitness Coach

Hi! and welcome to DHG Fitness, where I help you improve your Lifestyle by showing you How To Eat Well, Exercise (the right exercise!), Burn Calories (Fat) and Reduce Your Stress.
You can read more about me here

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